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About The Hostel u Kmity

At the city center of Krakow it can get really noisy with street parties and music from clubs giving you no peace to sleep. Not everyone comes to Krakow to be part of the noise and bustle of another city life; some visitors want calm and quiet time to do what they came for. That is why for you I would recommend Hostel u Kmity for your accommodation needs.

The hostel is located in one of the most famous streets- Florianska-at the heart of Krakow. To beat the noise from revelers and partygoers, there is a comfortable patio accompanied with two large-sized terraces. You can spend your entire day here sieving through the beauty of Krakow and never be disturbed.

Hostel u Kmity is in a house that was built back in the XIV century and carries a lot of history with it. Do not be surprised if you would begin your tour of Krakow right at the hostel. In here, you can go over history of one of ancient Kmita family that built the house that has lived all these years. It will be a sweet surprise to get this piece of history without having to go outside the comfort of your hostel room.

You will definitely love the clean spacious rooms and the little pleasures you would only expect at your own home. Here you are the king and the management will make sure that you get value for your money. The rooms are excellently furnished and you would
have no problem spending some more time admiring the indoor beauty. You will get all the basic amenities within your room. There is a shared bathroom but not the dirty one you would have trouble using. These one are kept clean all the time.

Since you are at the heart of Krakow city, you will be spoiled for choices on what to do and see. Rynek-Glowny Square is only 100 meters from your hostel. Here you can spend your entire day relaxing and seeing the beauty of this Polish city. If you are the religious type, St Mary’s Church is a few steps away. The hostel is also surrounded by restaurants frequented by who-is-who in Krakow. You should try some of them for local delicacies. Although Polish people are not known for their tasty meals, there is a new experience you should try. It would be a big mistake to leave without attending at least one street party. These parties happen almost daily and you should make a point to attend.


Last Updated: September 2019.

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